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Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to protect your camera & lenses against Fungus and Moisture

There are lot of discussions about protecting photography gear from moisture. Humid is not the best friend to your camera or lenses. Professional equipment not cheap. 
Help yourself friends.
   There is a simple solution to keep your gear safe from moist environment. 
Some people says it is better to store gear in a dry-box. True. But if you don't have one it's OK.
I use indicating silica gel which will change it color from Blue to Pink when gels absorb the moisture. Very convenient.
No guesses required.
The best part of it you can re-activate gels.
Scroll down and watch 

$20 from ebay
                           Find some containers for gel. I have empty 35mm film canisters

                                                After a while gels will turns pink

                                                                Put in microwave
                                 Heat in microwave 8 minutes on medium or low power


                               Back in business! Activated silica gel. Simple is this